Make a decision and stick with it

So this happen just the other week.  I had a flight to catch (going to Australia, 12AM flight).  I left around 930PM from my place thinking it was easy to get a taxi.  I have never had a problem getting a taxi to the airport from my place.  But BOOM! Suddenly it started raining.  And when it rains during July in Hong Kong, it is shitting.  Shitting like crazy.  Excuse my language.


And here’s the funny thing. Hong Kong taxis, there are a lot of them. And I mean A LOT.  When it is a nice, sunny day you will see them clogging up the streets.  When it rains?  They are no where to be found.   Like, this does not make sense whatsoever.  The need for a taxi goes up a billion percent when it rains.  I do understand there are insurance issues with it, but man you guys need to deal with that.


So yes, it was almost 10 when I was still at the back of the line.  And this line consisted of 20 people that was waiting in line.  Therefore, I made the decision to take the MTR to the airport instead.  Granted, this was much longer than taking the taxI (it took me about 40 minutes) and I seriously contemplated trying to find a taxi elsewhere instead.

But that’s life.  You sometimes have to make a last minute decision, and just stick with it.  I have a feeling, that if I was to go to another MTR station to find a hotel, I may have no made my flight.  The fact that I stuck with the MTR route, allowed me about 30 minutes still in the airport.  This allowed me to take a shower, grab a drink and still relax.

Make a decision, stick with it.


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