Hong Kong



Welcome to Cheung Chau Part 2!!! As mentioned earlier, there are a couple of beaches in Cheung Chau.  The beach that you see above is called the Tung Wan Beach.  A bit of advice, the beaches around Hong Kong are small, so it tends to get really packed on the weekends.  I would recommend not going to the beaches at the time, go during the week (you can see there is a lot less people from my picture).

If you do have to go on the weekend, GO EARLY! you have been warned..

Snapped some more photos for your viewing pleasures:




Once you get off the ferry at Cheung Chau pier, head to the right if you want to go on a hiking trail.  Go all the way until you see a sign called “Cheung Po Tsai” trail.  Some history for you all: Cheung Po Tsai was a Chinese Pirate during the Qing Dynasty.  He was sort of like a Robin Hood of the East, and legend has it that he hid at Cheung Chau with all his stolen goods.  Hence why there is a cave called the “Cheung Po Tsai” cave.  It’s up to you if you believe it or not.

Regardless, you should take up the hike because it gives some nice view of the island and it’s surroundings:


I came here during a hot summer day in Hong Kong, so unless you are okay with the head you should probably do this hike during spring or winter.  But I was still fine, just make sure you carry a bottle of water with you at all times!!


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