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Yes…I am sorry the restaurant name is in Chinese….they don’t have an English name okay?  This noodle place has been around for a while now.  Located in Tai Wai (where I live!), it attracts a lot of the local people.  Yes if you don’t know chinese come with somebody that does.

Now, if you do search this restaurant on Open Rice, you will see mixed reviews.  I know, I see it.  But most of their reviews is because they ordered fish ball noodles (which I think is what it’s famous for).

Well, today I am going to introduce another dish that is not fish balls.


it’s beef noodles.

Or more specifically, beef brisket / beef tendon noodle.

I simply love this dish.  The soup base is extremely flavorful (maybe it’s the MSG?), the beef tendon is like jelly, and the brisket is not too tough.

I love it.

I also add a lot of hot sauce to the soup which makes it even more delicious.

Yes you should be able to tell by now that i absolutely love this dish.  When I am feeling like a baller, I will also add a Soy Milk drink and a veggie dish.  Not too pricey too, everything is under 60 HKD (which is pretty good for dinner, when you have that many food).

This is a local place, so if you have trouble finding it just leave me a message =p


Added on Sept 8 2017
Added on Sept 8 2017

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