Writing about another cafe experience in Hong Kong.  Definitely loving the cafe culture now, really zenned in when I am reading my book, blogging and sipping on a hot latte / coffee.  I find that wanchai has a lot of cafes, definitely going to spend more time in that area.  Funny enough, the area doesn’t seem to be too busy.  My perception of Wanchai (or Hong Kong island) for that matter is that it’s always packed, especially during the weekend.


Or maybe it’s just causeway bay.  Whatever the case, googled some cafes and found one to my liking.  It’s called Mansions Lot!

They got a website where you can visit and look at what beverages they offer:

Also super easy to find, I just got off at wanchai station (exit B1), and from there it was only a short 15 minute walk.  It’s located at 15 Swatow Street.

Really easy to find.  And if you still are lost, look for a shop that looks like this:


Got there, and initially there was no tables available.  Discouraged, I walked around a bit, and thought I should just head back to rabbithole (it’s nearby).  While I was pondering what my next move should be, I noticed someone was leaving.  haha! Luckyyyyyyyy.

So I went in, and purchased myself a nice latte.  Not a coffee / latte expert, but I liked it.  Maybe even better than Rabbithole.

Size of the place is comparable to Rabbithole but I found that Mansons Lot is more comfortable.

Maybe because their chairs had back support lol.  One downside though, is that there is no wifi here.

And because of that, I’d probably go to Rabbithole more.  I’d like to read, take a break and surf the net. And do the occasional blogging of course.  Whatever the case, a Saturday well spent =)


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  1. Agreed – coffee tastes better than Rabbithole, and the cakes are nice. But I’m not too impressed with the breakfast at Mansion’s Lot. The Cupping Room serves better breakfast imho.

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