Food For Thought

Benefits of writing

I encourage everyone to write.


It’s an outlet.  A creative outlet.  If you’re like me with no artistic talents, then you are probably lacking an avenue in which you can just let your mind roam freely.  Writing does that for me, and I hope that you can also pick it up.

Does it take a lot of time?  Of course it does.  You have to start up your laptop, open your browser, sign in and type.  Everything in life takes time.  But what I suggest you do is just type freely, without thinking too much.  You’ll be amazed what comes out.  They say when you do this your subconscious is typing, and at times things you will find out about things you’ve never realized before.


I’ve always like writing at a small age, but of course stopped doing it during the growing up phase.  I only started this blog back in 2012 as a way to capture life’s everyday adventures, and of course to continue doing what I originally loved to do, which was writing.

And yes, and times I write about non nonsensical things.  But there are many things in this world that does not make sense to begin with, so really I am just a product of today’s society.

See – that was my mind roaming freely, telling my hands what to write.

But really, next time instead of opting to watch a video, take 5 minutes and just write something down.  You’re never too old to have a diary.  You don’t have to care what people think about what you write in your blog, because it’s your blog.

I encourage everyone to write.


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