Was out and about with my friend Justin, just lounging around Central when we both got hungry.  Was walking around the soho area and came across this place called the “Smokey Joes”.  For some weird reason, I thought I heard this restaurant from someone, somewhere, sometime before.  But I can not recall for the life of me.


The place served beer, which of course was a requirement . They also had ribs, burgers etc etc.  You know, American food.   So we went.

The burger that I ordered had onion rings in it, the last time I had something like that was back in Shanghai.  Yeah the burger was not too bad.  I probably come back again, but then I don’t go to soho too much because its toooooo far (I live up north).  Justin was going to get ribs, but then he ended up with some pull pork sandwich.  Don’t know why he changed his mind because I saw other people eating ribs, and it looked soooooooo good.

Anyways, let’s look at a dissected picture of my burger shall we?


Yes by dissected I mean taking a photo without out the top bun on hahaha.  How you like it??????

I like this place.  You can sit in side, or you can sit by the open window (it’s not a really a window).  It’s going to be awesome coming here during summer.  Okay maybe not summer, that would be too hot.  Maybe…..spring time….yesh.


The address of this place:

G/F, 38 Elgin Street, Central

You have to take the escalators up to reach this place.  But even if you don’t want to eat here, soho is a nice area to walk around still!  Here’s the front of the restaurant, if you ever want to find it =p



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