Another post inspired by my fellow coworkers.  More like I was forced into it.  Ok, then you are probably saying you can’t be “forced”  writing anything.  Fair enough.  I was “encouraged”, “persuaded”, “conned” to do this.  I am just being difficult because I really don’t know what to write about the french concession area in Shanghai.

There are a lot of expats….??



During the 1930s-1940s, there was an area within Shanghai that was “foreign concession” area.  Meaning the area belonged to a foreign country.

Which country?’s called the french concession…..

Yep. This was during the time when China was dominated in all aspects of life.  Military, Economy, Drugs, way of life.  Etc.  A lot of places were “loaned” out to other countries.

It wasn’t a pretty time, I presume for the Chinese.

But it’s also what makes this area unique.  And filled with expats.


Those are not expats, but just trust me on this one.


There’s also a lot of galleries and historical sites.  I didn’t take much pictures of the sites because most of them were buildings, behind a gate.  The gate was locked. I was not able to get through the locked gate.  As such, if I uploaded a picture of the site you will just see a gate.

And that would be no value add to this post.

Talking about value adding, my lovely coworkers like to match colors when they go outside.


Don’t look at me, I don’t have any answers…. (it’s purple by the way).  The camera is playing tricks on you.


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