I really think China does not allow restaurants to have websites.  I tried to baidu (China’s version of Google) this restaurant, and the only results that came out were Foursquare….errr okay…not a very useful search engine

Anyways, this is an Italian restaurant located in Taikoo Hui (duh, it’s the only place we go to now).  The reason why we decided to go to this restaurant instead of the german or thai place was because it was…not busy.  Compared to the other two places.  And we didn’t want to wait, so we decided to take a chance.



Yah we were a bit wary…..because usually this is a sign the food is not that great.

Well let me tell you, the food was not that bad.


Candice ordered her foie gras because she is fancy like that.  We also ordered broccoli and wings to share.

What else did we order?

You got it.  Pizza.

I really should start a burger / pizza section instead.  That is like all I eat.  PIzza for the win.

My favorite dish was probably the wings.  Definitely go back for the wings, and maybe some beer.  Although i don’t drink anymore from Sunday – Wednesday. My dry days, so that could pose a problem.


I guess there is always Thursday.  Yah, next time if the Lian (Thai Restaurant) and the German Restaurant gets packed, I will just head over to Antico! It’s like right between the two restaurants, so you can’t miss it lol.


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