I usually don’t like to hate on restaurants.  Mainly because I have very low standards for food to begin with.  But boy, was this restaurant bad.  The name of the restaurant is Sagami.  I didn’t bother finding it’s website because it’s not worth my internet space.  I mean, the pictures do look like it’s pretty good, but it wasn’t.  It is close to the hotel though (Sheraton Honqiao).  That’s all the advertising that I will give for this place.


The sashimi wasn’t that fresh….especially the shrimp.  Ugh. wasn’t good.

I personally ordered the ramen because I wanted some … ramen…..and because it’s a Japanese restaurant I thought the ramen was going to be awesome (not trying to stereotype here).


The soup base was not bad.  I will give them that.  But everything else was soooo bland…….I really don’t know what I was eating.  I think I could have made a  better ramen bowl.  And I don’t even cook.  That’s such a sad statement to make.
We also ordered dumplings……what a mistake:


Dumpling skin just broke apart when I picked it up……..anyone knows that’s the # 1 rule!! Dumplings should stay together when you pick it up….blahz.

We didn’t finish the food, it was pretty disappointing.  We ended up eating skewers at a nearby restaurant.

Sigh.  What a sad experience.

Or maybe it’s just us lol…

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