Not really sure how to classify this post.  Should it be an “attraction” post, or a “food” post.  Meh.  let’s just go with attractions.  We went to a lot of markets this time around (okay two, which is more than usual).  This time we went to the Brewery Yard Market which is located in Central Park.


The address is 28 Broadway, Chippendale.


This market is definitely better looking than the paddington market, but I also think it’s more commercialized?  Some of the stands seem to be from big corporations, but I have nothing to back that assertion up.  We arrived shortly after 12, so we were hungry.  There were a couple of food stands,  but when I saw this one I knew what I needed to get:

Yes..another sausage stand.  But this time I ordered the pork belly sandwich.  The pork belly was…fat…but I guess that’s how it should be.  It was also delicious =)

I also saw a stand that was selling “Cronuts”.  Which is a cross of croissants and donuts.  I am a big donut lover, but must admit this was a pretty good combination!  I got the glazed just to tone down the taste, but there’s other flavors if you want to be more adventurous.

We were getting a bit tired after eating (who doesn’t), so when we found there were some empty lawn chairs, we sat down.  Little did we know, two hours passed by like nothing.  I also had my book so I did some reason.  Overall, pretty good, relaxing Sunday.


Written from Sydney, Four Points Sheraton on August 16 2015


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