My big 30!


Damnnnnnn I am old.  I can’t believe my age starts with a 3 now.  Makes you ponder about life and where it has taken you.  For me it has taken me noooowhere!!! Or at least that’s what I think.  Or that’s what I think because I don’t want to be satisfied with life just now much more to do!!!

But yeah anyways, what did I do for my big 30 (this was in January by the way)…spent it with friends of course….and the lovely LKF in Hong Kong.

LKF never disappoints.  After we dinner we trekked to a bar / club called Insomnia which had a great live band. I was told they replayed the same songs throughout the night but I was pretty hammered and out of it already.

Yes drank a lot, did not know what happen after awhile…but only means that it was good times! Thanks for everyone that came out!

Written from Seoul, Westin on January 23 2016


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