It was a Saturday, I had nothing planned for good Ol Sydney.

My colleagues all had things to do with their families, my limited friends in Sydney were all busy, so I was left on my own. What to do. What to do. Took initiative and googled must do’s in Sydney. And voila! The Royal National Park in Sydney.



First things first, it is free (as long as you don’t park there, if you do you need a parking spot). Secondly, you can drive through it i.e don’t need to walk.

Bam! Perfect weekend combination if you ask me.  So got into the car, and proceeded to drive to the park. Must say it was a very easy drive, although there was some traffic along the way. Which was fine, I was in no hurry to go anywhere.


Side story, I initially decided to not eat lunch until I reached the end of the park. However, I passed by a Hurricanes which meant I ended up eating there instead lol. So intead of getting to my destination by 2, I ended up arriving at 4.

That’s what Hurricane’s ribs does to you! So delicious.

Anyways, yeah driving through the park was fun. A lot of trees. Not a lot of cars in the park which is good, blasted my music with my windows down. Perfect Saturday. Refreshed my soul. That’s sound so ghetto.


Great drive, will recommend to anyone that has a couple of hours to kill!

Written from Sheraton on the Park, Sydney on August 21 2016

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