Yes I know.

I am eating at another fucking American Chain. Yes I know, Cheesecake Factory. Yes I know. Blah blah blah. (side note – I just found out, they licensed it out to a partner in the middle east. How interesting).

But you know what’s even more stupid…is every time I go out to eat I have to eat in the singles section.

That’s so depressing.

I am already eating by myself, alone. Must you remind me every god damn time? Come on mannnn! Cut me some slack.

The good thing about eating in the Single section though is no there is no waiting.

Okay….that’s actually a huge thing for me…maybe its good to be single….hahah.



To show that I am not joking, I am presenting to you a picture of the family only entrance.

Clearly says families.



Next up, the entrance I am too familiar with in Saudi Arabia….”singles”.


I need some company over here.



The “fabulous” single section.

As you can see, empty as fuck.

No one eats alone.

Nobody likes to be alone.

I think that’s a song, I forgot from whom though. Nobody likes to be alone…….



I got the cheeseburger (yeah finally I talk about the food I eat huh).

It was alright. Nothing special. They cut my fucking burger in half…YOU CAN’T DO THAT TO A BURGER MANNGGG.

But….it does make photo taking a lot easier..because you can clearly see what is inside…and side note the filter for this picture is horrendous, ugh….come on have some quality assurances mangggg…you stupid! (I am talking to myself at this point).

Written from Jeddah, Le Meridien on February 25, 2017


  1. Oh you see, I think I’d love this! Nice and quiet and no pitying eyes!! (I love eating alone so it winds me up that I get judged for it…). Still weird though to be singled out like that!

    1. you know what you are right i do like my alone time but like u said, everytime i go into a restaurant its like i am announcing to the world i am single!

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