The photos in this post is really shit. Like really shit. I don’t know how to take good pictures! Can someone teach me? okay on to the post:

Why is having dinner at “Restaurant 181” Fancy Shmancy? Because it’s located in the top floor of the olympic tower! Why is having a meal at the olympic tower fancy? I don’t know. But I guess anything on top of a tower has to be fancy right? Not to mention super romantic….although this particular occasion romance was not required =p

My main course. Tenderloin.  Awesome. My picture not so much. For a fancy shmancy place (I am going to keep calling it this) the food was not too bad. The problem was..I was really tired that particular night. After a couple of wines I wanted to doze off really badly. So yeah..don’t really remember the taste. Can you even remember taste? It’s like one sense remembering another sense…

Le desert. After this I was dying. Dying of tiredness. I even drank a coffee after to no avail. Sigh aging? Jet Lag? something like that. Also the lighting of this picture is horrendous. I am sorry you had to see this.

My attempt at taking a picture of the Olympic Tower. What a shit job.

The iphone camera’s were not made for night taking purposes.

Get on it Apple! Invent something!

Wow you made it to the end of this post. Good on ya!

Written from Hong Kong, Home on December 15, 2016

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