Finally a fucking good steak restaurant in Hong Kong.

Been disappointed so many times in Hong Kong. Whenever I order steak here I feel like I am going all in with  2 /7 (poker reference). Basically meaning I am gambling and the odds of me winning (i.e. eating a bad ass steak) is nominal. Close to nil.

So thank goodness for this awesome, kick ass steak house called the porterhouse and THANK GOODNESS I WAS BROUGHT HERE TO HAVE A CHANCE TO EAT MAGNIFICENT FOOD.

Porterhouse by Laris is a contemporary, upscale steakhouse drawing inspiration from “the classic steakhouse”. We are boasting a menu that goes beyond steak, providing international cuisine with a carefully crafted wine list.

The modern, reinterpretation of the classic steakhouse menu is also reflected in the restaurant’s interior; elegant simplicity perfectly blended with sophistication.

Porterhouse by Laris is an ode to good taste & craftsmanship, a dining destination where our guests can come several times a week for a quick lunch, weekend brunch or enjoy dinner & drinks complemented by discreet, courteous & refined service.

Straight from the website. Totally agree that its an upscale steakhouse.

I even put on a nice dress shirt to come here =).

Now that is saying something.




The waiter must have been impressed with my dress shirt because we got free appetizers.

Or maybe it comes with the meal. Don’t know.


Now I would like to write about our MAC AND CHEESE.


I love Mac and Cheese. Haven’t had this in a longggggg time.

We should make Mac and Cheese at home and eat that shit.


The girls ordered the porterhouse which is a 32 ounce steak.


Those girls meant business!


Our other sides. They were good too. But in terms of sides definitely you have to go with Mac and Cheese.

I love this place!

Two thumbs up!

Two thumbs up for a great steakhouse, great steak, great service, great everything!

Not to mention it’s right in the heart of LKF, so you know what that means. PARTY AFTERWARDS MOTHERFUCKERS!






These sides…..


So good

Written from Hong Kong, Home on March 9, 2017

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4 replies

  1. That is really mouthwatering! Craving for steak and mac and cheese right now! ^^

  2. That steak looked incredibly delicious! Actually that just looked like an incredible restaurant and now I want steak and mac and cheese! 🙂

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