Hong Kong


I wanted to take my dad somewhere fancy in Hong Kong for a pre-Christmas dinner. Really because I was feeling guilty that I am not staying in Hong Kong with him to pass new years .What a bad son.

So to become a better son, I thought it be best to take him to some fancy, expensive shit in Hong Kong. Like $6k expensive.

Get some recommendations, one being Twenty Six located in Central. Nine course meal, on top of a building, with a capacity of 26 people only? Sure why not!


Not kidding you. It was a nine course meal. I will refer to this menu to explain what I ate (I guess you can read too..but then it might be hard to figure out which dish is which). I am just trying to be nice foo.


Before we get to the food though, I must say I really like the atmosphere here. 100 points for the environment. Even if the food is shit, I will still come here for drinks.

oh they only do dinner…well then yeah…I guess wouldn’t come if the food is shit…to be decided later in this post.

But yah, love the open kitchen concept and the fact that I got to mingle with the chef, super cool!


First picture up (this was not the first dish up obviously. I fucked the order of my pictures up). This was the white truffles, duck egg etc. Refer to the menu.

LOVE TRUFFLES. Think I had to pay extra for it but meh, super worth it. The duck egg was interesting too….


Fish hamachi. With fruits. Super good and fresh.


The Greens. The brussel sprouts. Meh.


Loveeeee this dumpling dish. One dumping is duck meat. The other I think was veggie or something. My favorite dish for sure.


Crab meat. This was the first dish. Crab was fresh. Crab was good. Crab was cold (intended to be cold). Refreshing.


I lied. This was the first dish.  Was not on the menu. Was “Free”.


Tofu “desert” with honey comb. It was interesting, not sure if I loved this one though.


Yo. Ice cream. Cake. BAM!

13Finally a picture of le father and me.

Did I have a good time here?

Kick ass time yeah!

Hell we finished two bottles of wine….two people…alcoholics…

Written from Hong Kong Airport on December 25 (Christmas!) 2016



  1. Wow is this what Aussie 1000 dollars get you?? That’s a killer price! But then, you put me to shame with the things you do for your father… Lovely to hear that you both had a great time. šŸ‘

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