Over and over again I was told Cuba does not have good food.

Yeah okay, I give that they don’t have the BEST food around. BUT, it’s really not that shitty as some made it out to be. Or maybe I just got lucky? I don’t know. But as part of our one day tour in Vinales, our driver / tour guide brought us to this restaurant that appears to be a tourist trap.

It probably is, but we were fucking hungry so we said screw it, let’s try this shit out.

What a cool looking restaurant. Full marks for looking comfortable.

But how about the food?

The food was pretty good!





You are probably thinking no shit, that’s why I said in the intro of this post that Cuban food is not too bad.

Fair enough.

Really liked the roasted chicken.

Also really like their black bean rice here. Reminds me of jerk chicken…yum….jerk chicken…

Pina Colada.

I drank so much pina colada in Cuba. Can’t blame me, rum is damn cheap here!


Life Boss also appears to be loving the coffee there as well.


I don’t remember the name of the restaurant so sorry, but not a bad experience here!


Cool looking restaurant




Raw veggies

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 5, 2018

Categories: Vinales

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  1. 素敵なレストランですね

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