Hong Kong


What time is it?

BURGER TIME! Finally got off work at a decent time (5PM) so I went home first to wait for Life Boss. We didn’t have anything in mind, so just decided to eat around the neighbourhood.  And that’s what we did when Life Boss got off work, just walked around Tin Hau.

Still couldn’t decide on what to eat. Then Life Boss says “There’s this really good burger joint called Texas Burger“.

BURGER FOR DINNER? Sign me up yo!

Question for ya..

What would you order in a Burger Joint?


And if you say anything else then get the fuck out of here.

I go to burger joints to eat a burger.

Life Boss got the blue cheese burger. I got the Texas Burger because it was what they recommended.

The Texas burger was huge as hell. It included onion rings, bacon, etc.

Makes sense to me, the texans probably eat something similar (i.e. massive meat).



Overall, good meal.

I thought the bun was a bit too big. But since I only ate half the bun now it didn’t really matter. Why do Burger Joints like to give huge ass buns? I find its better when its the same size as the patty….it looks better at least..

Oh yeah! Forgot..we also got the corn cob because it was recommended…by both the menu and the waitress. Yeah I liked it.

There was some cheese, but not over powering like that shitty meal experience I had in Seoul.





My favorite picture of the night

Written from Hong Kong, Home on July 21, 2017

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