Hong Kong


It’s 10AM in the morning as I am writing this.

And although I had a nice breakfast this morning I am still super hungry.

The main culprit? Writing about this fucking, delicious, awesome local restaurant called Hong Lin! This restaurant is located in Tai Wai, which may be a bit out of the way for most Hong Kongers. But trust me, this place is definitely worth checking out!


I went with Life Boss (as usual) and we ordered what we believe is their two best dishes:

  • Salt Baked Chicken Rice (鹽焗雞飯)UntitledUntitled
  • Pepper Salted Pork Chops (椒鹽豬扒)Untitled

This was a fabulous meal! So fabulous that as I am writing this I just want to leave and put these dishes in my body!

Arghhhhh why does it have to be morning right now.

So hungry.

So hungry.

For the Pepper Salted Pork Chops we could have ordered it with rice as well, but the portions are huge like my ass (which means its really big) so we decided to forgo the rice for that dish.

Don’t want to waste food yo!

We went at 2PM and this place was still rocking!

Like rocking full! Life Boss and I had to squeeze in a corner, sharing a table with 4 other patrons.

Like damn, these guys must be making boat loads.

Nothing fancy here. Just your typical local Hong Kong restaurant with fast service and good food.

Oh, they also close at 730PM. So yeah…if you want to have dinner come at 6 haha. They literally close at 730PM on the dot.

I love this place.

Local Restaurant – Hong Lin in Tai Wai
Gawd this was a sexy pork dish


Written from Hong Kong, Home on August 21, 2017

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