Wasssssuppppp Thai food!

Yeah getting a little bit sick of Filipino food, so wanted to try something different. You know what sucks about Thai food though?


Unless you are on a low carb diet like me. I love mixing my curry sauce with rice so yeah….that ain’t gonna happen for this meal.

For once in my life I actually did some research.

Jatujak popped as one of the better restaurants in Mall of Asia.

It’s Thai and it’s supposed to be good. Cool. Good for me. Let’s do it then!

As mentioned above, I can’t eat rice (or at least I am preventing my body from eating rice). So I ordered the following:

  • Tom Yum Shrimp Soup – At first it was super fucking good. Then like dating, shit goes down and it gets boring. It was also salty as fuck. But I still finished half of it. Didn’t have a good night though.Untitled
  • Pomelo Shrimp Salad -I didn’t like the salad. Was thinking this was a papaya salad but it turns out to be a grapefruit salad. Errr…grapefruit tastes like ass to me so no thanks. I just ate all the shrimp and left the grape fruit hanging. Next time please confirm with the waiter if this is papaya salad.Untitled
  • Grilled Bacon Belly – This pork belly was legit shit. So good that I posted two photos of it. Too bad it was a bit small, was craving for more…I downed this shit like no tomorrow.UntitledUntitled

Overall, not a bad dining experience.

The aftermath

Written from  Hong Kong, Home on September 21, 2017

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