Was constantly being told Kare Kare is a must eat in Manila.

but what the fuck is Kare Kare?

Per internet:

Kare Kare is a a stew made from thick peanut sauce. The stew base is made from variation of oxtail, pork, pig feet, beef stew, or tripe along with vegetables or seafood. 

The name “Kari” is derived from “curry, so it’s origins could be from India. This dish is well known in Pamganga which is considered the culinary capital of Philippines.

To prepare Kare Kare, you must mix oxtail and ox tripe and boil it until its tendor (you may add ox feet if you prefer). Peanuts are then added to make the soup thicker. Finally you can add vegetables such as eggplant or string beans to the stew.


I love me some peanut sauce. This stew is getting interesting for me.

So on one, lovely night in Manila, I decided to eat Kare Kare at a restaurant called Grilla.

Alone of course.



Sat down and ordered Kare Kare.

Had such high expectations for this dish:

  • Unfortunately, this shit is as bland as my clean ass after a shower. No flavor whatsoever. Where is the peanut sauce? Where is the beef flavors? Couldn’t taste ANYTHING. Fuck you Grilla. UntitledUntitledUntitled


I just can’t seem to find good restaurants in Manila.

Not Impressed

Disappointment after disappointment.

I think Kare Kare when done properly, should be tasty.


1 / 5 stars for Grilla. Don’t come here.

I need to give Kare Kare another try sometime soon.

Entrance of the restaurant

Restaurant was hopping. Not sure why, food wasn’t that great.

Sorry Grilla, I don’t want to be mean but that’s how I truly feel.

Basketball was on

2 / 5 stars……………

I will try Kare Kare again some other time.

Written from Manila, Conrad Hotel on September 12, 2017

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