Let me begin with this statement.

Le Father is not an easy customer to please. Let’s list the things he requires in a restaurant:

  • All utensils in a restaurants needs to boiled with hot water before he uses it (it’s a Hong Kong thing)
  • Need super crazy fast service
  • Food needs to be good, though cannot have too much sugar or salt
  • Needs to be able to find a waiter every other second
  • Every bottle of wine should taste like $10,000 but he should only pay $100

Yes quite troublesome.

But I better make sure the restaurant complies with these rules otherwise I would get a good spanking.

These rules were put to test when we went to Cafe Litoral for dinner.


Sat down and le father was barking orders already.


He was already trying to hustle the waiter, asking what is a good wine.

Le Father: What are your best wines

Manager: Well we have this really good french wine….

Le Father: It’s 1000HKD!!

Manager: Well yes is one of the top quality wines that we have..

Le Father: No. Too expensive. Give me something good yet cheap.

Manager: err…there is this 200HKD wine you can try…



The 200HKD wine tasted like dog piss.

Which of course meant more complaining from le father to the manager.

Kudos to the manager for being patient, still smiling and joking around. He definitely softened up the tense atmosphere.

The waitress however was being quite a bitch.


I mean yes, le father is troublesome but man you need to have some patience with your damn customers!

I felt like le father was going to blow up, when the food came.

Thank goodness the food came.


Hopefully this will taste delicious and calm everyone the fuck down.




Unfortunately the food was quite average.

  • The pork knuckles that were lacking some zing, some flavor. The fries were damn delicious. But something was missing from the pork. 3 / 5 score I will give it aka average. Untitled
  • Clams. they looked good. Tasted average again though. Choi / Life Boss can make better clams .Untitled
  • My favorite dish of the night. Garlic Shrimp. I think I liked it mainly for the Garlic. You can’t go wrong with Garlic. Untitled

Surprisingly le father didn’t complain too much about the food.

I think it’s because he is not educated in the field of Portuguese food.

So lesson learned, take le father to a non-Chinese restaurant so he doesn’t know how to complain about the the food!

On a serious note, if you do want to dine at a good Portuguese restaurant in Macau, I recommend Antonio’s as the food and atmosphere so much better there.



Written from Hong Kong, Home on November 6, 2017

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