Nuwara Eliya


Welcome to the World’s End.

What is World’s End?

Only the coolest, most beautiful, fantastic place to visit in Sri Lanka! One of the best views you will get ANYWHERE!


World’s end is a cliff that drops off 4000 feet and is located in Nuwara Eliya. A definite must visit if you are in Sri Lanka, but man getting there was a total bitch.

To start off – we had to wake up at 430.

Yes. I was tired as fuck.

We had to wake up that early because we had to jump on a van to get to the entrance of World End (you have to keep driving up).

Not sure why we needed a van. Feel like our tour guide could have just driven us up with his car but meh, I guess it’s to make money off of us.

What was annoying was the Van driver was 15 minutes late and still demanded a tip from us.

No fuck you, you were late.

fuck that

Driving there took two hours.

I was super stressed when we arrived.


I thought this was another episode of “let’s break Choi’s knees because Life Boss said so” kind of hike (LINK TO POST).

But nah, the hike itself was pretty easy, except for certain points where there was on roads and we were literally just walking on rocks:

Sri Lanka

We didn’t die. That’s all that counts.

Walking towards the cliff (the main attraction) was very relaxing too.

It was a bit hazy that day but it was all good.

Have a look at my pictures!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka

Beautiful again.


And my knees was not broken! I can still walk!

Finally something where life boss didn’t break me haha.

After a 1.5 hour walk, we finally got to our final destination.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Gorgeous views.

Love views from the mountain.

But then who doesn’t right?

Not to sound spoiled though, I feel like the views from the Vang Vieng hike was nicer (link to that post).

But still if you are in Sri Lanka, this is a must visit place!

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Written from Toronto, Home on July 15, 2018

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