Hong Kong


Whoever said it’s not cold in Hong Kong can suck my ass.

It is DAMN cold here, and this is coming from a damn Canadian.

Yes its only 5 – 9 degrees, but man when you don’t have central heating everyday the coldness just adds up. And whenever it gets cold, Life boss gets hungry! Well I get hungry too, but she REALLY GETS hungry.

So around 8am on a cold winter morning, Life Boss got really bad case of the hangrys. You know what means? It’s HULK TIME!


I decided to take the hulk life boss to this kick ass local eatery called 劉萬利咖啡粉麵飯店 for breakfast! Sorry that its in chinese…I don’t know the english name….


Comfort food

Whenever I get cold, I get the munchies for comfort food. But why is that? Well per the internet it’s because:

  • winter triggres biological changes that encourage us to eat more – I guess to make us fat
  • holidays like Christmas makes you eat a lot, which changes your eating patterns – it’s true, eat like a pig during the holidays
  • hormonal changes that controls hunger and appetite – life boss definitely experienced this

For me, eating comfort food during winter must consists of two things:

  • Meat – to satisfy my hunger
  • Carbs – to make me feel warmer

And that’s why, we ordered pork chops, satay beef noodles, and  PINEAPPLE BUN!

  • God look at this pork chop here. Fucking so good. They marinate the shit out of the pork chop so it’s damn flavorful. ThThe pork chop was grilled to perfection and was so juicy inside. It should also be noted this was the main course. What side dish did Choi get? Well, just look at the second picture!Untitled
  • Satay beef noodles! A staple breakfast dish in Choi’s life. What better way to start a cold morning than with instant noodles and satay beef? I can’t think of any.Untitled
  • Life boss also ordered a pineapple bun and went crazzzy for it. I told you she was the hulk. She yelled out the order and the waitress was probably a bit shocked that such a lady would be so loud. But I guess she’s Australian so it makes sense. Plus it was cold so yeah okay cool.Untitled

AND it was cheap.

How cheap? The pork chop + the satay beef noodles was only 42HKD!!


This was such a good deal. omg.

Yes this place is as local as it gets. But don’t worry, I think it’s clean.

I think.

The comfort food here is just damn delicious, and just right for winter.

That pork chop + satay beef noodles!
What better way to combat the cold than with hot coffee?
Life Boss Coming Out

Written from Hong Kong, Home on December 11, 2017

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