JUMBO Chilli Crab here we come!

My lovely colleagues took us out one night and thought it would be a good idea to have dinner at JUMBO because it’s a pretty popular restaurant in Singapore. Popular is right! Especially since we ate at the Clarke Quay location. A lotttttt of people were there.

Although it is my second time eating Chilli Crab on this work trip (the other one was at Long Beach, read about it here) I was still excited to eat this awesome dish. Not a big seafood fan as you know, but man I love messy food.

So without further ado, let’s dive into some food porn!

  • BAM. Deliciousness! Spicy, a little bit sweet, saucy equals a fucking good meal. However, I think prefer the at Long beach as it was a tad more spicy (my opinion). But don’t get me wrong, this crab is really good too. It’s all personal preference really. Untitled
  • Next up is the pepper crab. Pepper crab is another famous dish in Singapore, however per the internet Long Beach supposedly has the best Pepper Crab, not Jumbo. And of course because Choi is an idiot I didn’t order this at Long Beach. Fuck my life. That being said, I didn’t really like it. Not because it’s at Jumbo, the taste just doens’t really suit me. I like spiciness more. Untitled
  • Prawns. With some sauce that I can’t remember. Sorry, I really, really should take more notes next time. But it’s hard when it’s a business dinner.Untitled
  • Squid roll. Mmmm…yeah..I don’t really like it. Not a big squid fan…Untitled
  • More squid. My colleagues really like squid lol. Untitled


Food is damn good here! You can’t go wrong with eating chilli crab here. Make sure you get the steamed buns because those fuckers go well with the sauce. Of course if you ask me I probably prefer Long Beach more, but meh really not a big difference.

Private Room?


Oh yeah, one more thing. We got a private room so we can have some confidential talks about all things important. Like how good the fucking was.

Hah, yeah priviate room dining in a restaurant. Haven’t had that in awhile. What’s more interesting is this was free.

What the fuck? I am going to request a private room everytime I eat here!

I want to feel and act like a boss!


I recommend this place, but prepare to exercise for 10,000 hours to burn this shit off =)

Table full of food


Written from Singapore, Pan Pacific Hotel on November 29, 2017


  1. Yum YES, we just learned about the dish – Chili Crab – a Netflix show had something on it, and I remember thinking , that is for us, and now we are hopefully headed to Singapore and Shanghai in the spring – so now is our time. Thanks for this great post.

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