This post technically should not be under Mandalay.


Because we saw a bunch of temples that was not in Mandalay (about 1 hr from the city). But I don’t remember what the cities are called and Life Boss probably would yell at me if I asked. She would be “what the fuck did you not know where we went?”.

So fuck it, for simplicity sake let’s just put this under Mandalay.


Okay. So you know what’s a total bitch in life?

Walking barefoot outside.

That’s not so bad Choi.

Try doing that in the fucking heat on a summer day in Myanmar.

Meh, we do that at beaches already. 

Try doing the above two things while having diarrhea.

Choi, be a man. 

In Myanmar, you are required to take off your shoes when visiting the temples. If you visit during the day, your feet is going to get burnt like crazy. Since I was going with Life Boss though I had to try to suck it up.

So I hope you enjoy the following content because I had to pay a price for these damn photos.

1st visit, the Hsyinbyume Pagoda.





This beautiful white pagoda fucked my feet up bad. It was 11AM, the sun was not at its strongest yet but after a whole morning of heating up the floor, it felt like I was walking on lava.

I don’t know how those people that walk on lava do it. Do they have not have feelings? Or is Choi just a weak sauce?

Probably the latter.

Anyways, this was one of my favorite architectures in Myanmar. Love the white concept.

After burning my feet for 15 minutes, we proceeded to leave and went to the next place.

2nd stop was at the Min Gun Bell.


The Min Gun Bell is the second largest ringing bell in the world (the first being in China). Pretty cool place I guess, Life Boss went an hit the bell a couple of times.

You know whats even cooler about this place?

We didn’t have to take our shoes off. Woohoo! No burning of our feet!


Unfortunately, this luck of not taking off our shoes will not continue to the next place.


Next stop where we burnt our feet – Mingun Pahtodawgyi


Another monument where we burnt our damn feet.

It was very beautiful though, despite the pain I had to go through.

Apparently this was not completed yet, and then when the Earth quake hit Myanmar years ago the government just gave up building it. I guess it’s what gives this place character.


You know what’s also cool?

Walking on marble in the heat! It actually doesn’t burn your feet! I was taught by life boss that marble does not retain heat, that’s why your feet won’t get burned there.


Cool, learned something new.

Next time I need to buy slabs of marble so I can walk on it when we visit these kind of places again.

It seemed like our foot burning tour never ended.

It really seemed like it was gonna go forever.

Our next stop was at the 30 caves pagoda.


Don’t ask me why they call it the 30 caves. My feet was dead at that point so I didn’t bother trying to learn more about this place. I think the tour guide told us there are 100 Buddha statues here.

I don’t know, I didn’t count it. Again, was in too much pain.


Also, is it me or do the Buddha’s look kind of scary? Let me know what you guys think!


Meh, at least the views were worth it. Worth the fucking pain my foot was going through.



Fuck, get me out of this tour.

What my foot was telling me.

Too bad, Life Boss wanted to go continue on.


Okay life boss, let’s continue on.

Next stop was at the Inwa Ancient City.

To get here, you have to go on a ferry. This was good because it meant I could give my feet some rest!


Cool shot right? haha.

Once we got to the city, we were immediately approached whether we wanted to ride in a horse cart.

Fuck yes we do!

No more walking for us please!


Just when I thought the times of us taking our shoes were over, life boss said “hey! Let’s go check out that pagoda over there!”.

Did we have to take our shoes and socks off?

Yes we did.







You know by this point, I thought I was tough man. Yes my feet was killing me, but I soldiered on and saw all the temples and pagoda.

Thought I was a fucking man.

Until I saw these kids just running around, barefoot, not giving a shit.




I felt like such a sissy.

Such a weak sauce.


Choi’s manhood is already non-existent due to Life Boss’ continual mental punishment.

Now these kids were basically calling me out….sigh.

Choi needs to do some reflection on his life.



Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 11, 2018


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