I am not the biggest fan of Ramen.

Y’all know this if you read my previous ramen posts. Why do I dislike ramen? 1) They are expensive / overpriced 2) the portions are damn small 3) Not a lot of meat. That’s why life boss was surprised when I said let’s eat ramen. I just wanted something soupy really. But I also remembered this okay ramen shop I had with my buddies last year. It wasn’t bad as I recalled, so I thought I give it a try again. What is this ramen place called? It’s called Ramen Misoya.

I remember the first time we went (again with my buddies) this place was packed as fuck. Probably because they had like a 50% off grand opening special. When we went the restaurant was quite empty. which is concerning. I wonder if their quality has decreased. Regardless, we were committed since we walked 15 minutes to get here. Sat down, and got confused immediately. Their menu is split into gold and silver? I was confused until life boss explained that Gold has a more intense soup base, while silver is lighter. Well hit me up with the gold then!

I got the gold chasu ramen. I really like the noodles here, the texture is quite thick which is my preference. The chasu was also huge as fuck, not like your typical ramen-i-steal-your-money restaurants. I was actually damn full after this meal. The soup base was also very flavorful, as advertised. I do wish my soup was more spicy, as I love spicy food. But oh well. Life boss got the silver veggie ramen, she liked it too. However, she did steal my chasu which begs the question, why the hell did you get vegetarian ramen to begin with?

Got a beer
My ramen
her veggie ramen
Our meal
Entrance of the restaurant

Written from Toronto, Home on August 18, 2019

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