New York


It was a rainy day in New York.

As such. what better way to spend it then go chill at the American Museum of Natural History?

I am being serious.

The museum is warm and dry, not like outside where its cold and wet. What’s even better was we got in for free thanks to life boss’ friends connections.


We spent at least 3 hours here meaning this place was HUGE.  There are four floors FULL of exhibits, from information on planet earth, to histories of religions and culture, to Dinosaurs.

There was also a section on space, which I found particularly interesting. I really like my space shit. There was this special space exhibit, which we had to pay extra for. Nope, that was not going to happen. Although if I was by myself I would have went and paid extra to see it. Yes, again I really like my space shit.

This museum is one of the biggest one I’ve been to, and though I don’t know what the admission prices were, I am pretty sure it is worth every penny!

Learning Time
Planet Core
Dinosaurs Bones

Written from Lexington Hotel, New York City on November 24, 2019

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