Ramping up my blogging.


Because I am running out of posts.


Because I have been too damn lazy to write! So yes, trying to get back at writing more about daily non sense. This time around it’s about my hand pull noodle experience at Pacific Mall.

I went up to Pacific Mall to get sun glasses – I have been putting this off for awhile. My buddy worked at a store so I went and got it from him. 15 minutes max and I got what I needed.

Hungry, I proceeded to walk around Pacific Mall to see what I should eat. It has been awhile. And damn this is a ghost town, it used to be so packed and now it’s hella empty because of the coronavirus.

Oh well, works for me I like how it’s not as hectic here.

Was debating in the food court when I saw a client of mine. He recommended this hand pull noodle store called Sun’s Kitchen. This guy was stretching and banging the noodles against the table like no tomorrow. Ha. What a fun job. I got the dan dan noodles because why the fuck not. I added beef as well (though I am pretty sure I saw ribs). Overall, not bad for food court quality. Not sure if I will try this again.

And that’s that. Another nonsense post being published!

The store
This guy pulling his noodles
The court
Mah noodles

Written from Toronto, Home on February 23, 2020

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