Life Diary


Dear Choi from the future:

We are living in interesting times these days. And you are fucking idiot for not documenting this. You probably forgot what happened in 2020. Well let me remind you:


– Quarantine

– Getting bored out of your mind

I was complaining to life boss on how I was running out of blog posts to publish as we can’t go out to try new restaurants.

Life boss: “Why don’t you blog about being quarantined?”

Ah. So smart.

So yes, here is my diary of our daily quarantine experience. I am starting with day 15 because well, it’s day 15 fuckers.

Let’s see, the first week was pretty easy to get through. The second week was so so. Overall we are doing well, but I think I am going to feel it soon. Miss going out. We do go for walks here and there, plus when we need to get grocery. But more or less we are staying at home.

What have I been doing? Playing a lot of final fantasy games. Playing FF9 right now.

Also have been working out a lot (home workout videos). Need to say, getting quite fit.

Also have been sleeping very well.

Maybe my life was meant to be quarantined.

Anyhow, I am going to try to blog every day, maybe about the various foods we have been eating through Uber eats?! Now that is a great idea.

Written from Toronto, Home on March 29, 2020


      1. It’s summer here everyday of the year 😂 … but yes we ain’t homebodies and it’s hard not to be able to hop out for a cup of coffee & who knows when we will be able to get on a plane again😟

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