Koh Samui


So I never blogged about my wedding day.

Is it weird for a guy to blog about his own wedding day? Is it too girly to blog about his own wedding day? Do you think so?

well fuck you if you think so!

Okay, so the reason why I wanted to blog about my wedding day is somewhat related to COVID19. Because of this damn virus we are not able to travel, or eat at nice restaurants. Therefore, I am running out of posts! Then one night (i.e. tonight) I thought of a brilliant idea:

I should see if I missed any posts about any city, restaurants or experience. Going through my blog I realized I missed a gigantic life experience.

My own damn wedding.

So after a year + 1 month later, here is my post for my own wedding:


Life boss said yes to me officially on Feb 23 2019, in the beautiful Samujana Villas. Yes one day we will make enough money to buy that shit. There was an infinity pool, 6 rooms, a gym, a cinema etc. Fucking nice. What I also remembered, was the damn door game was long and hard as fuck. It was also hot. We were sweating like a pig. But like troopers we got through no problem.

Fast forward to the ceremony and the dinner reception, this is when things gets fuzzy for me. Was pretty drunk after I said the I do’s. Needed my friends and life boss to fill in the blank.

And that is all I remembered.

Oh wait hold on, we also had a wedding planner. Where was the wedding planner? Yes….

Anyways….. let’s try to remember your damn wedding anniversary Choi!

Door games
Sexy photos
Life boss and I

Written from Toronto, Home on April 1, 2020


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