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Hello long weekend!

Actually it should be called an extended long weekend. Due to COVID19 my company decided to enforce a mandatory vacation on Monday for everyone. Another cost savings measure. At least no lay offs (yet).

I spent day 1 of the extended long weekend playing video games. Final Fantasy 9 for those that are curious. Almost done the game, almost time to move on to Final Fantasy 10! After playing for 6+ hours, it was time for dinner.

What was for dinner??

Motherfucking hotpot!

Love hotpot so much. But it is different eating hotpot during spring. It has to be eaten during winter for the best effect. Anyhow, our hotspots have been getting more simple lately, just a box of meat + veggies + maybe dumplings. Yep, simple is the way to go.

Ended the day watching white duel (TVB drama). What a great drama. It’s so different. Instead of being black and white (typical TVB dramas), a lot of the characters and themes were so grey. Love it. It is quite refreshing! Good job TVB. Ali Lee is also so damn hot!

Hotpot 1
Hotpot 2
Hotpot 3

Written from Toronto, Home on April 10, 2020

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