It’s Patio Weather time!

One of the first few restaurants we dined at was Unionville Arms. It was one of the first few patios that accepted reservation that is why we came. The food is alright, what I loved the most is that there are only 10 ish tables in the patio seating area. This means not a lot of people, something that is very important nowadays. Can’t be eating in a rave party you know. We been here a couple of times as I mentioned, but for this post we will talk about the time we went out for lunch with a buddy.

Our meals consisted of the hungry man breakfast, some shish kebab meal, and a burger.

Life boss got the kebab meal (comes with rice and salad) -> she got this because the owner (I think it was the owner) did a really good job selling this to her. It did look big and delicious though so she didn’t get scammed.

I got the Arms burger, was aight, a good burger, juicy, but nothing wow. I think I will stick with their pizza or something next time.

I have no comment on the hungry man’s breakfast (steak + eggs) because I didn’t bother asking my friend.

We also did two rounds of beer so that was nice.

Overall we will definitely come back, but probably after trying other restaurants in the area first. Ciao.

Steak + egs
This looks good

 Written from Toronto, Home on July 18, 2020

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