We are getting sick and tired of eating the same damn thing everyday.

Although this is really my fault. As a man of loyalty, I tend to visit the same restaurants on a weekly basis. I mean, I know what I like, and you only get a limited number of meals per day, so it’s mighty important that every meal is a sure win right? You don’t want to waste a session eating shitty food.

I am sure you all agree with the shitty food part.

I guess there is a breaking point, even for a loyal man like myself. Plus, life boss has not been making any decisions lately so yes it is up to me to see what new restaurant we should try.

I had no cravings, but I did know one thing: I wanted bubble tea. There is a local chatime nearby, so I decided to google what eateries were around.  This interesting cafe called Komeya Cafe popped out. Curious, I pressed on the google reviews link and DAMN pretty good reviews! Okay, you got me hooked. I tried to look for a website to assess the menu, could not find a menu.

Alright, you are making life hard for me.

Never fear, Choi is not a dumbass. I went to the photos section and BAM saw a picture of the menu.

There was about 8 dishes.

All good, I don’t like too many choices either. I made a mental note to pick up the menu when I get there, but of course the mental note fell out of my mind. Oh well.

In terms of what the 8 dishes were, I wouldn’t know. I didn’t get pass the first item which was the Salmon Avocado Dish. I doubled the salmon because why the fuck not. By the pictures below you can see that it was PRETTY GOOD! PRETTY FRESH! and most importantly, this boy is FULL!

However, now that I look back at the pictures….where the hell was my avocado? Mmm…did I get scammed? I shall make sure next time to verify there is avocado in our bowls.

So yea, basically, this is a poke bowl. Good, because I can’t find nearby poke bowl places.

I shall come back!

Salmon Salmon
this probably will be my featured pic
Side angle
Le resto, had a hard time finding it.
Why this all happened in the first place

Written from Toronto, Home on November 28, 2020


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