Yes, this restaurant (chain?) self proclaims to be the best Afghani restaurant in Toronto.

Someone please verify if this is true. I wouldn’t know, don’t eat that much Afghani food to begin with. We did try Bamiyan Kabob many months ago, when life boss was still working.  From recollection the food was pretty good. Why did I not blog about it then?

Because I am a dumbass.

But, better late than never. Life boss wanted Kebab, so after doing so googling, I found “Bamiyan Kabob”.

Okay, I actually found this restaurant called Real Kebab first, but online reviews is stating that the portions there was small as fuck. And you know how Choi feels about small ass portions.  Screw that shit, I am going to Bamiyan Kabob instead!

Life boss got the Katok Kabob, don’t ask me what that is because I don’t know. Looks like beef? Life boss always ordering weird ass food. For me I got the “can’t fail tandoori chicken”. And indeed I was not failed. This was super delicious. The whole meal was super flavorful AND they give you this big ass bread, which was also delicious.

I don’t know if this is the best Afghani food in Toronto, but it’s definitely delicious!

front of restaurant
big ass bread told you
yum yum

Written from Toronto, Home on January 1, 2021

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