Port Severn



Well, you probably knew that from my previous post. We went to Port Severn because why the hell not, it’s been awhile we went on vacation. Got a nice Air BnB where we stayed for the weekend. Was a nice little 3 bedroom place with an awesome firepit. Oh AND a hot tub which I did not take a picture of. What a fail.

You also know what happens when you go to a cottage?

You stuff yourself non stop. 

Seriously, I got so fat. Just constantly eating candy, carbs, drinking beer etc. And not exercising. Yes, not exercising. 

Oh well. time to lose weight now?

Life boss and baby boss seemed to really enjoy it though, so that’s always good. 

By the way, the place was super clean so was never worried about COVID. Good stuff. 

We need to do more cottages!


Written from Toronto, Home on March 31, 2021

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