Well Choi took up Golf. 

Or at least trying. Bought a set of golf clubs because 1) This is the only thing we can do during a pandemic 2) I like to take some clients out in the future (also partially because this is the only thing that we can do again). 

Was going to get a set of Taylor Made but the set was way out of my budget so I went with a set of Cobras instead. 

First time golfer here, already went to two courses (maybe too fast). Despite me sucking ass I do see the enjoyment of hitting a golf ball, when it’s hit right. That sweet spot, that sound is damn nice!

If only I can get better.

Need to get better, need to take classes. Hoping during the summer life boss will let me go more often to the range. There is one close by called Bushwoods, probably head there more often.

Hoping to blog more next, maybe about reviews of golf courses? Really need something to write about…been neglecting this blog!!



Written from Toronto, Home on June 29, 2021

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