Eating at Baton Rouge for Easter Weekend

Hello Long Weekend! To be more specific, hello Easter Long Weekend! I thought it was a 4 day weekend but apparently most people only have good Friday off.

So why do I still say 4 day long weekend? Because daycare is closed on Mondays =(. So really, even though technically Easter Monday is not a Provincial Holiday, we basically have to take it off for the kids.

All good. All good.

Since it was the long weekend we thought it would be a good idea to go out for dinner. Not sure if it was a good idea to bring two little ones out. Especially when one of them was only 2 weeks old. But then I was craving ribs and life boss was craving steak so sure why the hell not.

After little debate we decided to go to Baton Rouge. I recalled this place had pretty good ribs and I was craving it. Plus life boss wanted steak. like a steak that is not well done because when she was still pregnant that was all she can eat lol.

for baby boss she got two cheeseburgers and fries. Yep two burgers. Seems like kid menus portions now are huge. Though she did end up finishing the burgers so I guess that sounds right.

Overall, ok meal. it was not bad but did not wow life boss. Time to look for a new steak house =)

Baby boss burgers
life boss steak
my ribs
below average calamari

Written on April 11, 2023 from Toronto, Home

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