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Beautiful Ladies

Oh My Goodness.  It’s. So. HOT.  In Toronto!!!!  Got to suck it up though.  Summer better than winter right?! My AC actually broke down the other day.  I was sweating while I was sleeping.  It was not a pleasant sight.



As the title suggests,  I am going to chat about le beautiful ladies! (My favourite topic).

Thought about this for a whole week, and have finalized my top 10 female celebrities.

Again, this is MY TOP 10.  If you don’t like it, you can write your own top 10 =p

Let’s go!!!!

10) Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston.  Loved her in friends.  Yes she’s 43, but she has kept rather well.  I have no idea what Brad Pitt was thinking.  In my opinion,  Aniston > Jolie.  Don’t know why people say Jolie is attractive. I digress.

She seems to be a nice and funny person (basing this on videos and interviews that I’ve seen).

As you probably know, she was on the show “Friends”. Friends in my opinion is the best comedy series ever.  If you’ve never watched it I encourage you to buy / download it.  Here’s some bloopers of friends.. ahh i miss it lol.

9) Athena Chu

A Hong Kong actress.  She’s 40, and she’s looking great!  Her name in Chinese is 朱茵.

I haven’t seen her much on the big screen either.  But then I am not exactly up to date on the entertainment circle in Hong Kong.  She’s dating / marrying the guitarist from Beyond.  They’ve been together for 14 years! That is a long time.

The following clip is a scene of her swearing (starts at 2:40)..hahah jokes.  (again sorry for those that don’t know Cantonese).

8) Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis. 28 Russian lady. Didn’t really find her attractive in that 70s show.  But she got more attractive as I watched Black Swan, and trailers from Friends with Benefits and Ted. I did not realize she was in Ted.  I must now watch Ted!

For you WoW gamers out there, you will enjoy this clip:

7) G.E.M

Ahh..GEM Tang ( 鄧紫棋). 

She is young yes (20 years old) but she is cute.  Plus she is quite talented.  She is a singer from Hong Kong.   I only know a couple of her songs, and they are quite catchy.  She has a great personality (from the videos I’ve seen anyways).  Too bad I didn’t get to catch her when she came last year (I think?).

Another reason why I like her is because she seems down to earth.  This video is of her selling fruit juices on the streets of Hong Kong. Again..sorry to non Cantonese speakers -.-

6) Kristen Kreuk

Ah..Kristen kreuk. Former star of Smallville.  Does anyone know what happened to her after she left the show? This girl is gorgeous, so it’s a shame I can’t see her more on TV.

Apparently her father is dutch, her mother is Chinese but born in Indonesia, her grandmother was born in Jamaica but is of Chinese descent.  Wow.  That is a lot of mixing going on.

She was also in the Chun Li movie.  That movie sucked hard.  I really hope she succeeds on the big screen though.  She has a new series coming out this fall I believe, called “Beauty and the Beast”.  I don’t usually watch western series, but maybe I will give this one a try.  The preview video is below:

5) Jessica Jung

Sica from SNSD!! She’s a Korean singer.  I do not listen to any of their songs.  I only know her from her appearances on Running Man.  Think she was on that show for three episodes??  Forgot.  She’s 23 and speaks fluent English, as she was born in California.  Fluent English, two thumbs up.

I don’t really know any more information about her.  The following is a clip of her in Running Man.  Unfortunately I could not find one with English subtitles.  So this one I will be suffering with you guys.

4) Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba..Need I say more? She’s 31 and has a kid now, but she still looks fantastic.  She has her own company now, selling baby gear.  I was really sad when she got married…lol.

I like some of her movies, like Sin City.  Gosh she was dam sexy in that movie.  In 2001 she was ranked number 1 in Maxims top 100 hottest ladies.

I like her more of a blonde than a brunette though.  Some may argue that she is better the other way around.  I have no objections, either way she is gorgeous.

This video is a mini skit she did with Jimmy Kimmel (love Jimmy Kimmel).  It’s hilarious, enjoy!

3) Natalie Portman

The talented Natalie Portman.  Loved her in Thor.  Loved her in No Strings Attached.  Loved her in Black Swan.  Stars War was more .. meh…. Regardless she’s a talented actress.

She attended Harvard might I add, so probably smarter than me too.

You probably know this video from SNL.  This is Natalie Portman doing gansta rap.  It is quite hilarious.

2) Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo. A Korean Actress (yes I am in a Korean phase right now).  She’s naturally pretty, as there are times she doesn’t even put on make up when filming, and I admire that.  She’s 30 now, but still keeps well.

Of course, saw her from Running Man.  She has a really good humour, and adds a unique element to the show. Oh, and like I said previously I really like her hats.

Here, she tries to sing a song (that is quite high) and although she fails, it made everyone laugh.  This one has English subtitles =p

Going off topic, was searching for Running Man videos when I came across this particular scene.  Laughed my ass off for 10 minutes.  Forgot how funny this episode was.  Hope you enjoy it too =p (there are English subtitles).

1) Hebe Tian

Really, are you surprised?  Hebe Tian. She’s been my number one since…University??  She’s pretty, can sing, and even acts.  Quite the talent!! She’s 1/3 of the popular Taiwan girl band S.H.E.  I have a couple of their CDs.  Also downloaded her solo album.  I’ve also watched her drama 鬥牛,要不要.

This video is an old video.  The host tries a variety of methods to wake up Hebe.  (Using a Mc Nugget).


Well,  today’s music is from S.H.E (Hebe’s band).  This is one of my favourite songs from them.  It’s a mellow song.  If you watch the video on youtube, you will see the English translation.

That’s my top 10!! Till next time!

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