What kind of cuisine is Nopi?  Actually I don’t know.  I feel like in order to get the maximum experience from this restaurant you need to order a bunch of little dishes, which basically means it’s Tapas.  But it’s not a Spanish Restaurant.  I don’t really know.  BUT, the food is really delicious.  My favorite was the chicken that we ordered.  There are a lot of choices to choose from, so it’s easier if you just check out the menu on their website:

I learned that the menu at Nopi is not constant, as it changes with the seasons.  Whatever ingredients are best during that time, they will adjust their menu.  Makes sense to me, wouldn’t you want to serve the best ingredients to your customers?  Recipe for success in my opinion.

Upon entering Nopi, you will notice that it is not a big restaurant.  So  I definitely recommend making reservations ahead of time.  The decor was very modern  and chic.  There was also large bread sitting around:


I am trying to cut out my carbs so enough of that.  The servers were all really nice, taking their time to explain each dish that was being served.  Nopi is only a  short walk away from all the Musical Theatres, so if if you are planning to watch a musical might as well drop by Nopi for some supper beforehand!



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