Steak Frites, Montreal.  Alright so background story, I was going through my facebook pictures the other day, just reorganizing my old trips and I realize, I missed out on blogging about this meal!! So yes, I admit I had this meal about 5 years ago, I am late.  But better late than never!!  So like I said, I had this steak and fries meal at a restaurant called, well Steak Frites!


The restaurant is located in the popular street of St.Pauls.  Because it’s been five years I don’t have much more information to give, but I do have the website so you can get more information about this great place:

The reason I was in Montreal was for work, and since meals are reimbursed we tend to find good restaurants to eat at (or at least try).  My co-worker knew that I love steak, so she decided to take me to this restaurant. You can check out the decor of the restaurant in the website above, since I don’t have any pictures to provide you guys with.  I know, this post is missing a lot of essential ingredients.  But come on, I didn’t have a blog back then so those kind of ideas and thoughts never came to mind.  What I do have, is a picture of St.Paul (which doesn’t really have anything to do with food I know:)
Back to the food, I don’t remember how it tasted but I know I didn’t have any bad thoughts about it since I did post it up on facebook.  So you know what, if you visit Montreal, go to Streak Frites order a steak and let me know how it is!!!!

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