I don’t always do cool things, but when I do, I do it in Thailand.  And what I did in Thailand, was canoe through Panak Islands.

Okay, so I didn’t exactly canoe through the island.  We had a local that helped us,  because frankly we would’ve gotten lost in the island, and would’ve never returned.  And if that happened then this post will never come into existent, and I will never be able to share these pictures with you

I am blabbing.

As part of our hotel tour package to James Bond Island, one of the excursion was being able to experience the Panak islands close up and personal.  And I was blown away by the beauty of the surroundings.


How this works, is you and another person (friend) would go on a canoe that is handled by a local guide.  They will canoe you through the islands, and if you are lucky your guide will bring you to areas other guides won’t bring.  And we were one of the lucky ones =)

Our guide decided to take a detour from the other riders, and brought us to this secluded area.   I swear I felt like I was back in the medieval times trying to find a princess or something.  Or fight a dragon.  Whatever is cooler.

We canoed through the islands for about 45 minutes.  And that being said, I was very impressed with our local guide.  He canoed two heavy guys for 45 minutes without complaining.  He also didn’t speak english so maybe that’s why we thought he was nice and didn’t complain.  Maybe he did complain but that doesn’t really matter now.


And that end of the tour, you can buy coconuts if you are thirsty.  Oh, and if you do end up going on one of these tours, I strongly recommend tipping the canoe guides.  They work really hard, and I don’t think they make that much to begin with!  We parted with 100THB (I think), and he was really happy.  Give if you can!

And finally, a picture of me and buddy on the canoe tour!!! So awesome!


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