My regret.  Not jotting down the name of this restaurant.  I do have a vague idea of where this restaurant is located, but it is impossible for me to draw you a map here.  You are just going to have to read and imagine you are eating with me, at that particular moment.



It was friday, and we were at the end of our project.  Therefore, it only made sense for the team to go out and have one final dinner. And Ohhhh……BEEF RIBS.

That is where we went.

So…the restaurant is located near City Hall.  That is all I can offer you at this point.  When I come back i will try to get a more precise address + Name for you.

Despite the lack of information, I still want to blog about this because 1) I want to come back here 2) It’s too good not to share.

So here’s what we ordered:


Beef Ribs (Galbi) duh!  So what happens is the restaurant will provide you with loads of beef ribs that is already cooked, but not barbeque cooked yet.  They put the ribs on this mini BBQ station where you have to BBQ it yourself.  Until it’s nice, crispy and juicy.  Yum.  Since we had some koreans with us they knew how to make this pefectly.  The Galbi Beef is marinated with some sweet sauce already, which makes this dish so dam delicious.

And then we ordered cold noodles to top it off.  Not sure why because I was stuffed already and could not finish this.  Not going to focus on the noodles for this post.


We have to focus on the BEEF RIBS!!!!!!


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