Why did we visit a pond you ask?  Well here’s a list of reasons:

1) We were biking around Gyeongju and found this pond

2) This pond is an artificial pond that was constructed by one of the former Korean Kings

3) Because we can


But in all seriousness.  If you happen to stumble into Gyeongju, I really recommend you to come visit this place.

It’s not huge like the forbidden city or summer palace in Beijing, but it was still a beautiful piece of work.  Maybe because we went in the beginning of December, but the chilled air coupled with falling leaves left an everlasting impression in my mind.

Reminded me of a day in autumn back home.  Not really home sick no worries.

Walked around with the aim of taking some artistic photos with my handy iphone 5s.  Thought this was pretty cool:

No filter.  Just blackness.  Somehow my phone camera decided to take a black photo, maybe because it was staring into the sun. It had to “blink”. hahaha. yes i know lame.

I wouldn’t know how to describe the location to you because we were just biking randomly.  But this is a big tourist site, so I will suggest that you go to, and type in google translate for Anapji pond.  Show it the cabbie.  They should be able to find out.

Along with the pond are some cool looking palaces / pagodas.  The walk around the pond can take up to 1 hour, so get some rest under these structures if you get too tired.  Have a happy walk!


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