There’s just so much to do / see at Yonggunsa Temple!  Admittedly, I was a bit templed out in Korea (having visit two in Gyeongju already).  So I was a bit wary that I was going to see the same thing again…


But this was a bit different.  Even if you are not into temples, you should just come for the view of the sea.  Soooooooo nice.

Let’s rewind to the beginning shall we?

When you first arrive at the entrance of the temple you will be greeted with the 12 Chinese Zodiacs.  I am an ox so naturally I went to take a picture with it.  And now I can not find the picture…..this sucks.  After absorbing the 12 Chinese Zodiacs into your permanent memory you can then proceed to the temple where you will find a couple of awesome statues of the chinese buddha and goddesses:


I mentioned earlier that this place gives a breath taking view of the sea.  Let your eyes be the judge:


Simply amazing.

So yes this is a Buddhist temple for you religious buffs out there.  Although I am chinese I am not well verse in Buddhism.  I wouldn’t consider myself religious but now and then I will go to a temple and pay my respects.

Back on track.  This isn’t just your typical temple so even if you are not into this stuff just come anyways, you will not regret it!

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