Valentines day! Yay!

Lovers day! Yay!

Roses Day! Yay!

Chocolate Day! Yay!

Forget all the above.  It’s hotpot time.

Yep, that’s how we spent our valentines day this year.  Qijin picked this place (http://www.hotpotinstinct.com/) so I am pretty sure it would be a good hotpot place since she was very picky when it comes to food.

Like very picky.

Who were the other participants on this lovely day?  The usual gang, Claire, Wesley (by the way happy birthday bro) and Vicci.  Fun times all around.  I did not take as much pictures though as you can see.

Not because I was grumpy on this lovely day (I need to stop saying that) but it was because I barely slept the night before.

I was on a plane, from Brisbane =( and I don’t sleep well on a plane.

If at all.  So I was half asleep the whole time, but don’t tell them that.

Hot pot instinct is not an all you can eat hotpot place, so that was a minus for me.  But the food was good, but how can hotpot food be bad right?  You just dump it into the a boiling pot of soup…and let it cook. haha. you can’t really go wrong with hotpot.

I hope you all celebrated this lovely, lovely day =)


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  1. I have all kinds of love for a good hotpot. Mmmm

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