Why did I go visit a park?  in shanghai?  because I am running out of things to do!!  or maybe because I am getting lazy and don’t want to plan my adventures.

Hahah. I really should not call it an adventure because taking cars and researching last minute does not constitute an adventure.  Adventures will be me diving in an ocean with any gear on.  Or maybe that’s just called a danger seeker.  Anyways whatever.


It was a sunday afternoon, and I just wanted to get away  from the city.  Longing for some nature, I baidu’ed what awesome parks were around.

Bam out came Gongqing Park. A 30 minute drive from Honqiao area, this is one of the biggest parks in Shanghai.


You also have to pay to get in.


Pay to get into a park? why?  – that’s what I thought in the beginning.  I mean it was only RMB15, but why the hell do I have to pay to look at trees?

Well, I paid anyways.

And I got it immediately.  This was more of an “amusement park” more so than an actual park.  haha. okay.  fine.



No, i didn’t get on any of the rides.  It’s china guys.  I don’t know how good their “maintenance” team is.


I still was able to find a quiet space for me to read my book.  By the way, I am reading the “Martian”.  Great read . Recommend to all the guys, and girls.  It’s a science fiction book, and is about…you guessed.  Mars.


And how an astronaut got left behind. In mars. Alone.

It’s really good. read it.

Look at trip advisor for some reviews, for those that want to visit.  Nenjiang Rd, Yangpu, Shanghai, China -> that’s the address.

You can baidu to find the chinese address.


It was a nice walk, as I spent about 2 hours here.  Still, wish it was less crowded….


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