Okay so I am lying.  Bonjour is not located in Seoul, but rather is located in Namyangju.  But close enough.   Per trip advisor this is number 3 restaurant in Namyangju.

Yeah I guess I will agree with that assessment.  It was far, and I think you should find a local friend that drives to take you there.  I think it took us about 30 minutes to get there (by car of course).  It was also up on top of an mountain so you probably would not be able to walk up….unless you are hardcore hiker.



The food was pretty good, traditional Korea food.  We had Tobboki, Grilled beef (so good), Jigae (stew), and veggies.   And of course a lot of side dishes.  The thing I like the most about Korean food is that there is unlimited supply of side dishes, which usually includes Kim Chi, radish, potatoes, etc etc.  So good.


The best selling point of this place, in my opinion of course, is the atmosphere and the environment.  Very “romantic”.  You should bring your girlfriend here.  Or boyfriend.  Doesn’t matter.  Equality.

Place was packed at around 8PM so try to get reservations if possible.  Not sure if that’s possible either.  I don’t have the number of this restaurant, but if you google Bonjour Restaurant + Seoul / Namyangu you will find more information about this fabulous place=)


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4 replies

  1. Look like a cute place! We can’t wait til our foodie adventures take us to Seoul!

  2. Looks like a scrumptious feast.

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