Damn, those look like some delicious prawns. OKay, I admit it.  I didn’t order this dish.  My colleague did, but I don’t care I am going to use this as the cover page for this post.  Because it looks really good.  I’ll even give her credits for it (Daisy).  I know she will still make a comment about needing to put her name down somewhere on the pic, but I took it some wateverrrr.

We were walking down the pier in Brisbane looking for a restaurant to eat at, and unfortunately everything was out of price range.  As in, everything was sooooo expensive. i Guess you are paying for the view.  The prawns again though, looks delicious.  Good choice.

The Riverbar ( was chosen because 1) there were seats 2) it was affordable 3)Self serve, which means everything wlil be faster.


I ordered a burger to go along with my two schooners of beer.  Why schooners?  Because that’s the only thing they have.  In Australia, a pint means a schooner.  I swear, this is fact.  The burger was good.

Julie  got the lamb burger and a side salad because she needs some veggies.


This looks good.  Yes I mean, this is bar food.  But I guess the fact that you’re by the river makes this experience a special one.  It’s not your typical bar (although you have to order everything at the counter yourself, which was cool.  Speeds up the process of when I order, to when the food is in my mouth.
Finally, we ordered chicken wings because we are chicken wing fanatics.  Not joking.  Every time we look at the menu we always order chicken wings.  But you can’t really go wrong with chicken wings. Although these chicken wings were not the best, we still ate majority of it.

What it comes down to, is that you are paying for the view and the fact that you are eating by the pier.  So as long as you can keep that in mind, and not raise expectations then you will leave this place satisfied.



This will be a good place to hang out on a friday night, I must admit!

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