Nomad is not a tapas place.  But I keep thinking it is a tapas place, because the dishes are made to share.  Isn’t that tapas? But then the next question would be, isn’t dim sum sharing too?  Good point.  Nomad brands itself as “Fine food, best Australian wine with great friends”.


Yeah, I’ll say the food was pretty good.  My favorite dish was the king fish, as you may know since it is the featured photo.  Fresh, delicious fish.  It was also more like sashimi, which was something that I craved.

Next favorite dish was the cow tongue.  Can’t go wrong with cow tongue.  I know some people are turned off by the fact that it’s a tongue of an animal, but you know why, can’t hate it if you haven’t tried it.

The next few dishes was suppose to be the main dishes, which was the suckling pig and the lamb shoulder.  It was okay.  I think I liked the suckling pig better of the two.



And of course we ordered Brussels sprouts.

I thought this place was a little bit on the expensive side, but I guess it’s a cool place to go to once in a while.

Written from Sydney, Four Points on August 26 2015




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